Alicia Online

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Interesting breeding system.

It lacks unique looking maps.

Introducing Alicia Online, a MMORPG with the theme of horse racing fantasy and anime style graphics that will catch your attention and keep you going as you keep processing through a whole adventure of fun horse races, upgrades, and of course nurturing and caring for your horses so they stay healthy! Think that’s a mouth full in one sentence, just keep reading, that’s only the start!

You will quickly notice that there are many features available in Alicia Online in addition to having horses and racing them like in other games you may have played. You will be able to customize your horses the way you would like, so they appear how you want them to. You’re not going to be switching saddles and calling in customizing the horse, nope. You will be able to change the body size, the eye color, you can even change how the horse sounds!

Alicia Online8

If you want to change the equipment to give the horse some personalization, that’s fine as well. You will be able to give it only the best as you choose the options that provide your horse with the best overall stat improvements. Now you’ve got the best looking and it’s now capable of beating others in races too!

When it comes to the races, there are many different types out there that will have different guidelines. There are your normal races where you are in it for the speed, but there are also magical races where you will be able to attack other horses with items to gain the lead. There are also team races where the race will have two times, both in Speed and Magic styles. Feel like practicing? Solitaire Mode will allow you to go against the A.I to practice running your horse before going up against others.

Alicia Online11

Horse racing is great, often the main if not only focus of this genre, but Alicia Online doesn’t believe in focusing just on the races, or even the customizing. There is a lot more to having a horse than it looking pretty and winning races. There’s also the care of a pet to think about. You will need to play with your horse to keep it happy, and you will also need to care for it to keep your horse in the best health as possible.

If you just got done with a foot race, you would be hot, thirsty and hungry, right? The same goes for horses, so you will have to feed and clean them up after each race to keep them in great condition and ready for the next race. You will also want their stamina to regenerate and to remain entertained, if your horse got an injury, these things will help it heal much faster as well.

Alicia Online12

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Looking to take care of a horse, but don’t have the means to have a real one, this is a great second option. You will be able to customize, care for and race them anytime you would like!

Alicia Online is free to play.

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