Derby Days

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Watching races can be surprisingly intense.

Feeding mechanic is problematic.

Have you ever wanted to build your own ranch? Well, now you can (at least online, anyway)! And unlike other horse games, which center more on riding trails, this one is all about raising race horses!


Derby Days lets you pick out your initial horse, which you can breed with others to create an entire stable-full on your ranch. The customization for the horses is pretty impressive, and you get to do a lot with the stables as well, decorating and furnishing them to suit your tastes and the needs of your horses. For training, there’s a stream pool and a track, and between your home, the stables, and the outdoor space, there’s plenty to do in Derby Days!


To earn money, you build buildings, and overall there are three different levels of training facilities to use until you’re ready to race your horses. After the initial training, you get to race and show your horses to build up even more experience, before you put them out in a real derby race.


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Winning races also earns you money, which can be used on supplies, decorations and buildings for your ranch and, of course, more horses to decorate your stable with! With adorable graphics and a game that is constantly being updated and improved upon, Derby Days is a fantastic place online to hang out!

Derby Days is free to play.

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