Derby Fever

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Graphics: 7/10

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If you like horses and love competition, this is the game for you! Derby Fever is the internet’s premier online horse racing management game. This game was created in 1998 and has grown into a large and fun horse racing game for all ages! This game is a game for the young or old at heart.

Creating an account is simple and easy to do. You can even sign in with your Facebook account, if you prefer. Once you have signed up for this game you will be Sims cash, horses, and breeding points to help you get started. Once you have received all of your cash, horses, and points you can now began playing the game.


Ok, it’s time to enjoy racing your horses! If you need any help along the way there are several sections and players that can help you out. There are message boards and chat rooms that you can mix and mingle with other players.

You will be able to play with many players from all over the world! We now have over 10,000 active stables and 190,000+ horses. What is so cool is by August 2009 we had between 500 to 1000 players and our game community is still growing! The best part about this game is that it is free to join.


The game has been revised with your fun and entertainment kept in mind! One of the options on this game is that you can breed your own horses. You can create your own breed! We have three-man contests for you to feel the thrill of winning your very own horse race! We listened to your input and the game grew from there! We have at least 93 tracks today and it only use to be 14. You can interact with friends; make new friends, and chat, all while you are enjoying the horses!

You may ask yourself, “What is so cool about your horse racing game?” This game will allow you to enter your horse(s) into a race and compete with other horses for virtual prize money! You may even be able to win, purchase, or trade your horse or another competitor’s horse. (Depending on the race and quality of the competition)


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Derby Fever is an awesome horse racing game that not only brings out the competitor in you it will make you feel like you are really at the tracks because of all of the interaction with other competitors. This game will show you how to breed the horse, clean the stables, and race the horses for prizes. You will learn every aspect of the game as you play or if you run into trouble, ask another player for assistance. However, there are several tips to help you along the way!

Come to and join in on the fun! Meet new friends, invite old friends! There are no limits to the fun you can have and experience here at Derby Fever!  Remember to invite your friends, they will like it as much as you do.

Derby Fever is free to play.

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