Derby Manager

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Tons of great features for a mobile game.

Need internet connection to play the game.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Derby Manager, check out the Mobile category.

Racing your horse in Derby Manager is an exciting thing to do, regardless of your knowledge of or interest in the sport itself. You are going to be able to compete with friends, race the best horse that you can get, improve yourself over time, and try to become the top racer.

For players who like to work to become the best, this is a great game to play. There are various ways to give yourself a boost and to become better, and you can take advantage of them. Continue to see what this game has to offer and how it can turn anyone into a passionate fan of horse racing, at least virtually.

Derby Manager12

You cannot race horses without having a horse, obviously. In Derby Manager, you are going to be choosing a horse from a selection of them. These differ in more than just appearance, though. You have to keep in mind that horses offer various strengths and weaknesses, which means that you have to compare them in order to choose the best one. You should look into how they differ and which one is truly best for your needs. Once you have found the best racer, you can begin to race and have the greatest chance of success.

Your horse is not going to stay the same, however. While you want to start out with the best, it will not remain that way without upgrades. To earn these upgrades, you have to race and make money. This will allow you to buy what you need to basically build a better horse.

Derby Manager5

You will be able to buy a lot of what you need to race more successfully. As you continue to race and win, you will have more money and more opportunities. If you make use of this money, you will be able to boost your skills and become a better racer as a whole.

There is no need to play Derby Manager alone. While you should have no problems doing so, you can play against other players. Race and compete to see who is really the best. While you have no control over what happens inside of the race, except for the items that you can buy, you can see to what your work has led.

Derby Manager4

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Do not forget about the various practices and races available on your own. This will help you to improve yourself and to buy what you need. You can do practices on your own to build your horse up and to become better at this game. With what is available and possible, you will be able to grow quite a bit through practices alone.

You can continue to play this game for awhile. Derby Manager helps to make this possible by teaching you about it. If you want to enjoy everything listed, this is going to help you. By giving you a tutorial and setting you up for a great amount of success, Derby Manager is going to make it possible for you to have more fun than ever with horse racing.

Derby Manager is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Don’t be sad, Here is a big list of games that are similar to Derby Manager, check out the Mobile category.