8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Easier navigation for equipping items and entering shows.

Horses age slowly.

So, you want to own a horse without actually owning a, well, real-live horse? Then Equiverse is for you! A fantastic mix of realism and fun, the game allows you to compete in top horsing events with animals you breed and train!


The Market lets you choose the name, breed, and gender of your initial horse, and then you can find a trainer, keep your horse in a stable, and take care of it! You start out by breeding horses, trying to get unique color combinations and markings that will stand out in the competition ring.


Overall, there are literally a million different combinations possible, so you’ll never get bored! You can also trade with other horse owners, buy more animals or products for your stable, and even advertise your services to other players on the game!


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The social aspect of Equiverse is also pretty amazing. The community for members is interactive and allows people to get to know one another, and you also get to compete as well. There are message boards, chat rooms, and clubs that allow you to upgrade your stables, take part in activities, and find other likeminded individuals. All in all, Equiverse is a fantastic world in which to learn about horses and hang out!

Equiverse is free to play.

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