Equus Nation

6.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 7/10

The game has an interactive flash game where you can design courses and run your horses through them.

To upgrade accounts, purchase charms, and anything else you need to do on this game requires real money.

Billed as a place for horse enthusiasts of all ages to come together and enjoy a virtual world, Equus Nation is a fun online game that is set in a super-friendly environment. You work to breed the best of the best horses, paying close attention to blood lines, in an effort to make and subsequently train the best horse in the world of Equus Nation!


Flash-based, the graphics here are clean, detailed, and gameplay is nice and smooth. You get to design your own courses for training, and maintain an image bank for your horses and your preferred layouts. Significantly more detailed than it’s free price would suggest, Equus Nation uses color-based breeding, so mixing a tan and black horse will definitely be realistic. There’s also a fantastic image generator to make customization even easier.


And then there’s the social aspect. Drawing in horse-lovers from all over the world, there’s a well-moderated chat community where players can talk about their virtual horses, real horses, and enjoy hanging out with people who all share the same passion. You can also maintain a wall on the site, including a newsfeed, to keep up to date with friends.


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In today’s world, it can be incredibly hard to find people of common interests. And as you know, the horse-loving community is one of the most closely knit and friendliest around. Equus Nation is not only an amazing game and fantastic virtual world, it also has a seriously perfect social medium, no matter what your age or experience is. Enjoy!

Equus Nation is free to play.

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