Horse Academy

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10

The game is fairly easy to play

There are few choices for the horses coat or fur.

Do you love horses? Are you looking for a horse-based MMO game that features standard breeds as well as more exotic, lesser known varieties? Or shoot – even unicorns? Horse Academy is for you!


Here, you get to breed, raise, train, and race horses with other users all on a Facebook-based game. You have your choice of everything from Dapple Greys to “Tigers” and, yes, unicorns too. Although often frowned upon by gamers looking for a realistic horse-based game, there’s just enough kitschy fantasy here to make it worth your while.


You need to handle everything from grooming to feeding to the horse’s overall health, so pay attention and be ready to work! Raise the horses up and take care of them at your stables, where you get to create your own farm and constantly expand as you make more and more money. You can add buildings, pave roads, and landscape the farm however you see fit. How do you make money? By raising, training, and racing your horses to level them up, then selling them at a profit!


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With good graphics, clean game play, and a level of community not commonly seen on Facebook games (as odd as that may seem), Horse Academy is fun and challenging!

Horse Academy is free to play.

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