Horse Life Adventures – Wii

8.1 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Amazing graphics and tons of engaging activities.

Long loading periods.

If you’re looking for a game in which you can raise horses, take part in many different activities with your mares and foals, and build your barn throughout the entire game then Horse Life Adventures is the perfect game for you.

In Horse Life Adventures you will be able to raise a mare in order to create the perfect birthing situation for a foal, and experience what it would be like to truly raise horses. Throughout the game you will be given the opportunity to interact with your mare and foal through beautifully rendered graphics and in-depth game customization.

HLA - Wii 1


You will begin Horse Life Adventures by creating a horse that you will raise to eventually become a mother of a foal. There are plenty of customizable attributes for your horse that you will be able to choose from, allowing you to choose the color, size and many other qualities of your horse. This allows you to truly get a feel for the horse that you will be raising and develop an attachment for your mare from the time that you begin the game.

Depending on the customization that you choose for your horse, your foal will be given many different attributes that the mother was given at the start of the game, creating an even better in-depth aspect to Horse Life Adventures. After your mare eventually has given birth to her foal the gameplay skips ahead by three years allowing you to see your newly-born foal grow up immediately.

HLA - Wii 2

Throughout Horse Life Adventures there will be many different things that are available to do with your horse. These many different activities range from riding your horse through beautiful trails to participating in many different cross-country, dressage and show jumping events.

In addition to the many beautifully rendered trails that are made available throughout the game, you are given the opportunity to tour the local towns and shop at the many different local shops around the area. While visiting these shops you will be able to purchase a variety of riding outfits, clothing for your rider and horse, treats to feed your horse, food to help him or her grow and saddles. There are also plenty of different times to take care of your horse by training, grooming and mucking the stalls.

HLA - Wii 3

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In conclusion, Horse Life Adventures is the perfect horse riding simulator for horse lovers. The many different activities and customizable options are sure to keep any aspiring rider entertained!

Horse Life Adventures is free to play.

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