Horse Life Adventures

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

WiFi is not necessary to play the game.

No way to earn the blue bucks.

Horse Life Adventures throws you into a world of horses and wonder, where you are going to care for your own horse ranch and horses. You are going to be able to grow your stable and get more horses while challenging yourself with the competitions available.

Continue to do this and try to make your horses, as well as your ranch, the best that they can be. With numerous quests and options available to you, there is a lot for you to take advantage of here. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy horses as much as you can, and to continue to for as long as you want.

Horse Lift4

When you start off in Horse Life Adventures, you are going to have a small ranch and not a lot of horses, but that is going to change. While you may have small beginnings, you are going to be able to grow your stable and get more horses as time goes on.

You will be able to go from a single horse and a small ranch to a massive stable with numerous breeds of horses. There are so many possibilities that open up to you as you move through this game, and you may be surprised by all of the opportunities.

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You are not just caring for these horses. You are going to be able to breed and compete with them, too. You can breed them to get the horses that you like the most and you can compete with them to get ribbons and to become a championship stable.

Horse Life Adventures gives you the chance to have the most amazing stable that you can have, and all while having fun. When you are growing your ranch, you can even set up track and you can make it fit the needs of your horses, whatever that may be for you.

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This game does not just throw you into the world and wish you luck. As you play Horse Life Adventures, you are going to be given quests.  These quests are going to give you some extra purpose as you play, and help you to do everything that you need to do for your horses.

They tell you exactly what to do and they provide you with rewards, allowing you to make it through them and to gain even more from them. This is a great way to build your stable and do more for your horses.

Horse Life Adventures is free to play.

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