Horse Park Tycoon

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Cute horses. | Easy to play.

No option to breed horses.

Love horses and want a fun and exciting way to pass the time away? Well, Horse Park Tycoon invites you to create your very own horse park. You will be able to decorate the park any way you would like, you are limited only to your imagination! That’s right, you will arrange things, and load it up with all your favorite horses, and much more.

Creating a horse park comes with a lot of responsibility though, you will have to make sure all of the horses are kept in great healthy condition so they are happy. You will be learning about each type of horse and how each race has different requirements, and you will have people visiting, it is a park after all. This means you will also need to learn what your visitors needs are in order to provide them with a great time at your park and make them want to keep coming back. You will even be able to have friends come check out your park!

Horse Park Tycoon2

If you are tired of all the various games out there that only have a couple types of horses for you to choose from, with limited activities and options that quickly get old, then you will love Horse Park Tycoon. It provides you with way more than that! You will be able to chose to collect out of 40 various horse races, and you will find that there are even some legendary race types as well, how exciting right?

You won’t have just a single environment that will get old quickly, nope this title has you covered there as well. You will have many different environments that will provide you with a visually appealing and changing world around you, but also poses new challenges as you must learn to keep your horses and park going through all of them. The environments include: prairie, mountains, savannah and even snow! Keep those horses warm!

Horse Park Tycoon11

If you like being rewarded for doing things, you may want to check out the daily mini games that are available as you can come back each day to play them and gain rewards that will benefit you with your goal, improving your park and customer satisfaction, and of course keeping your horses happy and healthy.

All this sounds fun, but like with everything can get boring if you’re playing alone, and that is why Horse Park Tycoon has brought in the ability for not only friends to visit your horse park, but for you to also visit their horse parks!

Horse Park Tycoon12

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That’s right, you will be able to interact and cooperate with various horse parks to help increase and improve their horse parks just as well as your own.

If this sounds like fun and you have friends that would love to join you in having a horse park adventure, then check it out. You may just find your new favorite source of entertainment.

Horse Park Tycoon is free to play.

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