Horsemaker: Horse Racing Game

6.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 6/10

Addictive gameplay.

Lacks depth and detail in graphics. | Repetitive music.

Okay, so you’ve been searching for something you can spend time on that mixes horses, races and fun, right? Well, you just found Horsemaker which allows you to work on becoming a horse trainer. You will be training champion horses, and going through the process of hiring riders who will help you win races, among other stuff.

The overall concept of Horsemaker is to win horse races, but to do that you much first have a horse that can perform well enough to be a champion. You will be starting out strong after going through the guide to help the newer horse trainers get started. Once you have the hang of things, it becomes easier to do what is needed, equip your horse for the races.


You will start with your very own horse which you have the option of naming anything you choose, and you will start with some basic equipment for your horse as well. You will then go into you first race with another guide showing you the ropes. Once you’ve gone through this one, you’re off on your own to do as you wish.

Overall, the focus is solely on winning the next race. This means you will be grinding the races, trying to beat the other horses out there to win in game currency. By saving up the reward money, you will be able to purchase new equipment that can upgrade your horse for future races, giving it a better chance to keep winning. There isn’t a lot of in depth complications with this one, which makes it easy for anyone to learn and pass time with.


The training part of things is also easy to learn and not overly complicated like similar titles. You will have three various skills to work on improving so that your horse will have a better chance in the races. Yep, it’s all about those races!

The in game currency is referred to as gold, which you can obtain in various ways. You can win races, or events that will reward you with gold, or you can choose to purchase it with real money if you need it in a hurry.


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Gold is required for both buying equipment upgrades, and training your horses skills. If you’re looking to invest in some of the rare items in the game, you can purchase the premium currency which costs real money.

This is the type of game you play when you’re bored and need something to help keep you occupied while waiting for the next best thing to come along. You may not get lost from reality due to the lack of depth, but you can still have fun with grinding races for money to upgrade your horses and continue winning those races!

Horsemaker: Horse Racing Game is free to play.

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