Jumping Horses Champions

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Clean interface, and you have 90 unique horses to race.

You don't have the ability to choose a gender and change how your character looks in the game.

Jumping Horses Champions is an addictive and exciting game that really brings to life the wonder of show jumping. If you have ever been interested in this sport before, or if you like the simulation and arcade style games, this is something that you must pick up. It offers a lot of the fun that you are looking for in a game while being more than it seems at first sight. You are not just jumping horses, after all. You are also collecting and breeding them, as well as buying and selling. You can have your own system for earning money set up and you can have fun with this in your own way.

Jumping 4

The horses that you do have are not going to be just one kind. Just like show jumping, the breed and the skill level of the horse does matter, which is not the same with all of them. Rather than just focusing on button mashing or you going as fast as you can, this game focuses on the differences of the horses as well as your ability to manage all of this. There are many different types of horses to choose from and you can even breed some. If you would like to earn a bit of extra cash, there is a buying and selling system with the horses set up to allow you to do so.

Jumping 3

Throughout Jumping Horses Champions, you will have six events to play. There is a reward system for each of them to allow you to take something extra away from this game. While, at first, you may not win a lot, that is going to change at you improve the horses that you have. Continually move yourself up in the horse jumping world until you are able to place first in all events. Doing this may be difficult, but it is also incredibly exciting thanks to the entertainment offered in this game.

Jumping 2

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Something that every player is going to love about Jumping Horses Champions is its intuitive and clean design. Since jumping horses is going to be a fast paced activity, and is going to require quick movements on your part, you do not want the game to feel sluggish or cluttered. That is not the case at all here, allowing you to play through the events with ease and comfort. You can move your way up without a lot of obstacles getting in the way due to design.

Jumping Horses Champions is free to play.

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