Jumpy Horse

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

There are no advertisements or in-app purchase options.

The user interface is a bit sketchy at times.

Are you trying to find a great game that you can interact with the characters and have tons of fun at the same time? Look no further Jumpy Horse is the game for you!

Jumpy Horse is an affordable iPad and Game Center application. If you love horses you will want this game!

Jumpy Horse features

–          Can be purchased at a low, affordable price for your iPhone

–          New games are always coming!

–          Updates as you go!

–          For kids and adults alike! Great for hand eye coordination!

–          BONUS 200 amazing horse and nature wallpapers!

Jumpy Horse2

You interact with the horse in the game because you become the horse! How cool is that?

Jumpy Horse has a built-in game camera so you can create neat and cool wallpapers to share with friends and family online.

You will learn how to breed the horses and watch a cute baby foal grow up to be an amazing horse. Best part is each foal that was born in your breeding game is a part of your herd. You can paint the foals the color that you want them to be. Did you know that you can even paint the riders, bears and even the wolves, as well as the horses and foals? Once your foal is painted you can run with your foals to keep them safe from the wolves and bears.

Now, in order for you to have a big, healthy horse you will need to fed your horses! Okay, it is now time to herd the leader of your herd so the others will follow the leader to food and water. Horse’s love apples, pears and carrots carry the same points as the grass chunk, but the horse eats them much faster.

Jumpy Horse1

Once you have completed the breeding game and decorated your foals and they are all grown up; you will need to design and create a place that you can train your horses for competition! Obstacle courses are a great way to train your horses. You can create any type of obstacle course you want as long as you leave a little distance between the obstacles so the horses will have to run and jump. When you have finished creating your obstacle course, go grab your favorite horse and try it out!

Some horses are great for barrel racing and some are great for jumping! By all means, the faster the horse the quicker you will cross the finish line! Now remember the more the horse jumps or gallops it can throw your cowboy! The fun part is that you can throw a cowboy into a mud puddle and make fun of him for doing it! Okay, let’s clean and saddle your horse, you have a choice, you can use a Western style tack or and English style tack.

Jumpy Horse8

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Remember the fun of playing games is meeting new people and making new friends. You can talk with your friends and compete with them riding your own horse! You can send and receive gifts such as horses from each other’s herds! (You can do this in the Horse Exchange!)

What is even more fun than competing with your friends you can let your friends ride your horse and see how many riders you can throw in 60 seconds!

There are other ways for you to interact with your horse or herd. You can have the horse run free! This makes a Jumpy Horse happy! Or you can play a game called Catch wild Horse! This is a mini-game that you can play as a wild horse and escape the lasso! The point to this game is to stay free and run wild!

Jumpy Horse is free to play.

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