Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition

7.9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Impressive content. | Humorous deaths. | Great replayability.

Awkward dialogue. | Repetitive gameplay.

Get ready to mix the action of horses, jousting, and ragdoll physics to create a fun and exciting filled game that you may find yourself addicted to in no time flat! This thing never ends as it’s constantly generated at random by the Unreal Engine software. You will have various modes to chose from, as well as events and other fun stuff!

That’s right, you have the option of playing the way you want, but in story mode you will be playing the role of a new jouster who is on his way to becoming a brand new knight.

Last Knight2

However, he must first find a way to prove he is worth of being a knight, and to do this must complete various events that are considered to be epic. This starts the heroic adventure of this young aspiring squire.

This young squire is going to be traveling through many different environment types as  he takes n the dangers with a fierce face, even those which are present in his nightmares! The various modes allow you to do different things, and you can choose to simply go on your adventure with the randomly generated environment collecting more money and taking on new challenges.

Last Knight8

You will be going on various quests along your adventure as well, these will reward you with more gold, and add to your chivalry and glory, as well as you are on your way to becoming a knight. Both gold and chivalry are things you will want to collect, these are the currency’s used in-game.

Gold is used in order for you to purchase newer power ups that will be helpful, and chivalry is used for unlocking mutators which are pretty neat, and you can also use it to purchase new view modes, such as the intense first person view! There is even a fun weather system feature that will have you noticing a different challenge with the random weather changes. There’s also a collision aspect that will keep you having fun.

Last Knight12

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Everything you do can have an impact that will alter the world, or deform it in some way. The ragdoll physics that was designed will have your attention even if you’re not the one in the winner’s circle, just watching the physics at work is a blast. The various view points available make this even more interesting, from third person to first person and birds eye, the choice is yours.

You can mutate the world, customize the way characters appear and mutate the body’s, or randomly generate stuff, the possibilities of what you can do and create with Last Knight are literally endless and the environment change often so you don’t get bored with it either.

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