Planet Horse

8.6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Gorgeous graphics and easy to play.

There isn't much variety to the horses and riders and the game is short.

Planet Horse takes the horse game genre to a whole new level, adding a bit of fantasy into the mix. And no, we aren’t just talking about a few unicorns to make breeding interesting. Here, you get to explore amazing enchanted forests, all while going about your horse training and showing exercises.


Set in a world of cowboys and westerns, you start out by choosing your race horse and then setting off on a variety of adventures. You can compete in three different games: show jumping, cross country, and fantasy rides! With the jumping portion, you get to allow your horse to progress through the game (a must, of course). During the cross country races, you win items that let you customize your horse and avatar. And during the fantasy rides, you get to experience handling all seven of the different horse breeds in the game!


Your avatar (which you choose and customize at the start of the game) gets to train on your steed at a top horse riding academy. You selection of horses is incredibly varied, and doesn’t just stick to the classics: there are zebras and unicorns involved as well! You need to take care of the horse throughout the game, including making it stronger and buying it accessories to keep it competitive with other players. As you work through the three different areas of the game, you also get to do mini games as well, which are both challenging and a bit mind boggling when first presented!


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The mix of fantasy, customization, and overall gameplay here, coupled with the graphics, is truly impressive. There are literally hours upon hours of fun here, and the game is just challenging enough to keep you interested, without feeling like you’re gripping the keys and waiting with baited breath. Check it out today!

Planet Horse is free to play.

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