Poney Vallee

5.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Endless list of pony customization options. | Tons of activities. |Improved chat boxes.

Can be boring after a while.

If you have ever wanted to own your own baby poney and begin to build your own poney stable then Poney Valley is for you. Their glittering manes and sparkling eyes, as well as their playful natures will keep you captivated. You will be able to raise and breed various ponies how you want them. This game was released by Feerik and it is free to play.

This horse simulation MMO will give you a chance to enter the magical world of ponies. You will be able to take charge of raising and making sure that your pony is the best one that there is. There are so many options that you have in order to create your very own pony.

Poney Vallee3

You will be able to select their coat, their mane, hooves, and plenty of accessories like jewelry, wings, and even tattoos. You can pick to have a celestial, love, fire, Pegasus, earth, air, and water pony. Each one will have their own special traits that you can mix and match things to to get special attributes.

You can do more than just raise a pony here. You will be able to build a barn, where all the pony tasks will be done such as training, grooming, and feeding. You will have property of your own which has a windmill and a barn. You can expand your land the further you level up. Once your barn is built, you can stop in and check out how your ponies are just by entering the barn.

Poney Vallee12

Once your barn is ready to go, you can begin to build your farm that will produce the food you need for your ponies. You will have to plow, plant seeds, water the fields, and harvest the food. If you want to feed your ponies, you have to make sure that your farm is well tended.

Once you have your farm ready to go, you can begin to take care of your ponies. You will have to keep them happy and healthy in order to earn gold coins. If you want these coins, make sure that you are training, feeding, and grooming your ponies every day.

Poney Vallee11

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Poney Vallee is the one place where you can raise and own your own ponies isn’t what makes this game so great. It is the fact that you can breed them. When you breed your ponies, all of the traits that you have in your pony will get placed into another one and it will make it completely unique.

This is a great way to keep yourself stimulated and be hooked on for hours. When it comes to all the things that you can do like shopping, farming, raising your ponies, and more there isn’t anything else that a person can hope for. You are even able to have plenty of social interaction as well. You can chat with other people, and even interact with the town and makes it great for the social media world as well.

Poney Vallee is free to play.

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