Pony vs. Pony

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Cute pony fighting game and background music.

Issues with logging in to the PvP account.

This game is perfect for the pony lover, animal lover, or just someone who loves to play games like Bejeweled. This colorful game is vibrant beautiful ponies and allows you to choose your own adorable pony to customize. With your pony you will be able to battle other ponies by playing a game similar to Bejeweled. To play this game you will be able to do damage, defend, and cast magic. Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it? Well, it really is.

The graphics in this game are very edgy and cute as well as colorful as stated before. The music is not annoying like a lot of games, but is actually kind of catchy and gentle. You will really enjoy how they incorporate so many pony puns throughout the game.

Pony vs. Pony12

There is so much about this game that is fun, but the best part is the ponies. As you use your pony to battle, you do not have to worry about getting bored as the battles are not overwhelming. There are also really cute kitties in the game that you will love.

This online game is flash based and is free for you to play. The game is simple to understand which allows you to get right into game play and battle, battle, battle. Though it is simple to understand it does offer many elements. Since it is considered a pet game, you will be able to dress up your pony any way you wish. You can use the dress up shops as well as friends to customize your pony. Along with the dress up element you also have the puzzle aspect to enjoy.

Pony vs. Pony3

The battle levels are adorable. Each time you go up in a cupcake level you will be intrigued at the cute name of the new level not to mention the battle itself. Each time you go a little higher you will be challenged a little more on difficulty level with your pony to defeat the battle. Your opponent will get faster as the difficult level goes up. The core of this game is the puzzle battler. Your goal will be to connect 4 or more of the exact same type of orbs.

Remember that each type of orb will do something different in the battle. The three types of orbs are the sun, the candy, and the butterfly. The sun is of course yellow and is considered the attack orbs and the damage they do depends on the amount of them you have. The blue orbs are the candy orbs. These activate your pet’s magic and the more you have the stronger the magic. Last, but not least is the butterfly orbs, which are pink. These orbs help you to defend your pet. The more you connect the higher your defense will be.

Pony vs. Pony8

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Sparkle Gems are money for the ponies. The Sparkle Gems or pony money can use during the game to buy outfits for your pony among other things. Non-members start out with 50 sparkle gem battles. Members start out with 100 sparkle gem battles and gain 100 more per day.

How do you get started?  It is easy. All you have to do to join the herd is sign up at the Battleon Portal, which is online.

Pony vs. Pony is free to play.

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