Pony World 3

6.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Sounds: 5/10
Graphics: 6/10

Decent music.

Limited character and home customization. | Buggy. | Poor controls.

If you loved Pony World 1 and 2 then you are going to love the newest edition of the Pony World series, Pony World 3. This part has sold over 2 million copies and it is still growing. There are the amazing 3D graphics, improved gameplay, and an even bigger pony town that you can explore. You can even talk with other ponies and play and even meet a loved one.  Take time and live and form relationships with people from all over the world.

In Pony World 3 you will be able to create your a very unique dream pony. This means you customize everything about it. You can even develop it by choosing the type of education it has, what type of career it has and make plenty of new friends who share in your love of everything Pony World. You can change the looks and clothing of your pony and even add on tattoos, glasses, and saddles.

Pony World3

The one thing that takes the most work is building your dream farm for your pony. You will have to work hard to build it up and expand it. Make it look like the best in the whole neighborhood. You can add in special plants and various decorations that will make it look not only unique but give you a higher status in the world.

You can sell products that your farm makes in order to make money for toys and food for your pony. There is even the new and improved building mode which will give you plenty of decorations and new buildings that you can choose from to make your farm the best in the world.

Pony World6

Pony Town has everything that you could ever need in order to have a great time with your pony. There are certain things that you can do to keep your pony in a playful mood such as games, and even develop the career of your pony by going to work. You will boost your pony’s education when you train it to do whatever you pick. The best part is that you get to groom your pony the way you want and keep their health up to make them the best of the best. You can visit stylists and beauty salons as well as other place where you can buy items to make your pony look great.

Go to school and college in order to get a high paying job so you can buy more things to make your time in Pony World better. You can even go to the cinema, theater, disco, circus and so much more and there are even times whereyou can just walk around the forest, mountains, or just lounge on the beach.

Pony World12

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There are now 5 different locations that have places to visit and 3 new locations where you can build your farm, as well as 5 different scenarios that you can play in. If you want to use your imagination, then you can always head over to free mode. There are new mini-game competitions where you can earn money to buy new items for your farm.

Pony World 3 will give you everything that you want in a game and so much more.

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