Secret of the Magic Crystals

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10

Stunning graphics. | You can have more than one profession.

Repetitive gameplay. | It can get tedious and boring.

Get out your horseshoes, you are about to go on a great adventure in a virtual environment as you breed your horses, which you also manage and you will be breeding some very legendary horses as well, including the popular Pegasus, Fire-steed, Unicorns, even Ice and Demon steeds! There are many objects you can purchase throughout the game, more than 700! To top it off, you will have horseshoes for your horse to wear, and you can even use magical potions on it.

If you have noticed your horse is becoming sick, you must help cure them and take care of them. Horses require a bunch of caring to keep them happy and healthy, it’s not all grooming and petting.


There are several ways to train a horse as there are four various fields, and five different difficulty levels to choose from. Want horses that provide more talents? Continue to breed various horses in order to gain a horse with talent.

If you are the type that gets bored easily with the same environment being used over and over, you will be glad to know that the weather and the seasons change to give you a constantly changing environment that won’t get old quickly. You will also have 5 various buildings available, each one having more than 5 possible upgrades to improve your awesome farm.


If you like a selection, you will even have 5 various types of fantasy horses to choose from, so be ready to interact with all of the horses and care for them! In addition to the 700 plus items available for customizing your stable, you also have access to 30 various magic potions, and 30 horseshoes that are also magical, as you can tell, this one is filled with magic!

You can choose to train your horses on one of the four fields available, and each field type will have five different levels of difficulty as well. If that’s not enough, you can win races and win cups, there are 25 total, can you win them all?


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If you enjoy the quest side of things, there are 30 quests to complete that will keep you busy when you’re not caring for the horses, training or racing against others to win that cup. You will have to locate the magical crystals that have been lost!

Secret of the Magic Crystals is an Indie game that not a bunch of people have heard of, which is also a positive thing because it means you and your friends can have a blast without having to worry about overcrowding which is a common issue with popular MMORPG’s. This also means there will be little to no lag compared to over populated servers, so what are you waiting on, grab a horse and start having fun!

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