Stallion Race

7.8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Sounds: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Fun and easy to follow gameplay. |Nicely animated race.

Lacking in graphics.

If you have a fascination with horses and have dreamed of becoming a billionaire who owns strong horses and love horse races, then Stallion Race¬†will keep you excited for a long time. You won’t simply be racing horses though. You will be the owner of horses that go global, this means you will be traveling the world with your team of jockeys and stable animals in order to take part in the pro horse races that go on all over the world.

You will make money to cover the costs of all these adventures by winning races your horses are entered in, and betting on horse races that you’re horses aren’t taking part in. It’s a fun and exciting lifestyle, that’s for sure!

Stallion Race12

That’s not all you will like about this game though, it also brings you a free to play MMORPG which is browser based. This means you can play in any browser you may choose as long as you have internet, you can play!

You will be able to win awards on a regular basis, there are buildings which will help you gain resources with time and even items that are collectable. These are items that will provide you a boost to your stats, such an equipment. You will also have a chat server and many quests. You will also be able to increase the gear and jockey’s in many ways, such as Refine, Fuse, Synthesize and Enhance!

Stallion Race3

Your home base will be located on an island, and as you progress through the game and win races you will open more locations. You will also find legendary stones that you can take to the Science Center in order to increase gear. This allows you a fun way to improve your gameplay. You may think your scientists are magicians with the animations that play when you’re adding speed stones to your saddles.

This isn’t all you will have to do though, you will also earn yourself some neat property as you advance through the game and this property will help you earn gold which you can then turn around and use to upgrade things.

Stallion Race2

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You will be able to upgrade like, everything. The jockeys, gear, horses and even properties and stables can be upgraded as you wish. The more you upgrade your stable, the more horses you will be able to have.

When it comes to racing around the world, the tracks and locations will be different. This brings the aspect of needing more speed, agility, stamina and even power and spurt to win the races. Your horse may run better on mud or grass than it does on sand and soil, so the environment will also have a big part in how the races go. Be sure your horses are happy by feeding them with the items in your inventory.

Stallion Race is free to play.

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