Unpleasant Horse

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay is simple.

There is no tutorial.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Mobile.

Unpleasant Horse is far from unpleasant. You play as a dark little horse, black and quite frightening for something so cute, that has some skulls on its haunches. It is no secret off of which popular series this is from, but it is far from it in content. In fact, it is very far from it.

When you play, you are going to be doing some dark stuff, though it is going to be rather enjoyable. The game may be short, but it is one that will give you a lot of fun. With it being so easy to replay several times over, you will want to continue to play it for a long time.

Unpleasant Horse12_

When you think of a game, you might think of something that takes years to develop from a single idea. Unpleasant Horse, however, was not that type of game. The developers tasked their staff to create a game within 24 hours, which is what they did. People submitted different ones, but it was Unpleasant Horse that won in the end. While this was a rather quick creation progress, that in no way takes from the fun. In fact, you have something that is quite enjoyable in its simplicity and all that it offers.

Your main focus is going to be to survive and get the highest score possible. That sounds easy enough, right? Well, the score is not going to be based on jumps or how many tricks that you can do. You are going to be destroying the friendly little ponies that you see flying through the air.

Unpleasant Horse4_

You are going to do this by jumping on their backs to push them towards the saws underneath. When they reach them, you are going to see them torn apart and parts of them flying through the air. Just remember not to focus on this too much, though. If you do, you are going to miss your jump and join them in the saws. If you want extra points, try to get in some combos by jumping on horse after horse. This will give your score a big boost.

The art of this game makes it much more entertaining. While something more gruesome might have fit the game itself, it would have brought down how fun it is. You cannot help but smile and laugh at the way that this game looks, especially when causing destruction.

Unpleasant Horse3_

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As the cute, fat little ponies fly in the sky, you are going to be able to giggle and smile at everything that they do. From the little jumps to making the other horses cry as they fall to their doom, it is really the art that makes it all come together so perfectly.

If you are looking for simple fun, Unpleasant Horse is going to offer quite a bit. You have a very straightforward and easy to understand game. As you play, you are going to be able to have fun without worrying about any of the extras. It is a great game for anyone seeking some quick and easy entertainment.

Unpleasant Horse is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Mobile.